CR5 Bluegrass

                                 Barry Garvin                      Christine Potter                 Dan Potter                         Jim Bossert

 Barry Garvin - guitar

 Barry is one of the founding members of our group. He is an experienced player who plays exceptional lead breaks and has great rhythm. His rock, jazz, blues and folk influenced style of playing define our "sound"! Barry hails all the way from Maitland Ontario.

 Dan Potter - mandolin, guitar, lead and harmony vocals  

 Dan is the other remaining founding member of CR5 Bluegrass. He does the bulk of the vocal work for our group and writes the majority of our original material. Dan lives in Lyndhurst with his wife Christine and their dog Coda!

Christine Potter - banjo, lead and harmony vocals    

 Christine's intuitive style of picking has garnered attention everywhere we play. Her vocals are also an essential piece of our over all "sound"! Christine is originally from Gananoque and is the daughter of area banjo legend, Buddy Clark!

  Jim Bossert - upright bass fiddle  

 From Ottawa, Jim is the newest member of our group. We are excited to have him join us to hold down the "bottom end" of our ensemble. You may have seen Jim in any one of a number of groups from the area, groups ranging from bluegrass to roots to blues to tango. He is a great addition to the musical melting pot that is CR5 Bluegrass!

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